Joshua Danger

Joshua Danger (VOX) has been a pioneer in the art form of vocal looping and he's been helping bring awareness to the genre. He's looped his way throughout the world, performing with industry giants like Jay Leno, The Blackeyed Peas, Bruno Mars and even Tony Bennett.  Mr Danger can weave intricate vocal patterns and sound before your very "ears" and he'll take well-known songs to unexpected places.  "If you thought a DJ was the only way to get people on their feet, you need to give us a try." 

JayR Beatbox

JayR (Vinyl) is quite literally a human drum machine with the ability to rival any DJ on the planet with his "all-vocal" scratching.  From the underground to the arena, he's entranced crowds with his vocal beats and mouth-made music.  He has a style all his own, which is evident the second he steps foot onstage.  It's clear that JayR is a man with a mission.  "When I see that crowd, game on.  It's time to get to work!"